Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Even homes or offices lucky enough to get a weekly or biweekly clean are still in need of professional carpet cleaning. While a hired cleaner is perfectly qualified to clean many areas of the home, they simply do not have the tools to address carpet cleaning beyond basic vacuuming. We're assuming you do not have these tools either, as their operation requires licenses and certifications.

A regular vacuuming schedule actually makes our job a little easier. It's a job we would have to do either way so we thank our peers in the cleaning profession for their hard work. However, we as professional carpet cleaners are occupied with the removal and prevention of everyday bacteria which are naturally found in carpets. These bacteria differ from everyday debris, like food crumbs and pet hair, in that they reside deep down in a carpet's fiber. This means they cannot be removed by simple suction power. Instead, they must be neutralized first and removed second. Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles takes the cleaning one step further by applying a protective sealant designed to serve as a barrier between future bacterial exposure and potentially irremovable stains.

Skipping Carpet Cleaning

The failure to professionally clean a carpet means that a certain portion of bacteria, like allergens and dander, will stay in your carpet. This is the number one cause of premature aging of carpet and loss of color. The remaining portion of bacteria, like dander and dust mites, enter your indoor breathing air and their exposure is a top cause for the onset or exacerbation of respiratory problems, like asthma and allergy attacks.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles employs the steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods of carpet cleaning. The decision to use one over the other will depend on the level of soil in your carpet. Our cleaning technicians will be happy to go into further detail about the processes when they arrive or you can get more information now by contacting our customer service representatives.

Same Day Services

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is a locally based cleaning service provider. To be more accessible to our customers we operate from 8am-8pm every day of the week. And since we're right here in town we can often schedule same day services, too.

To schedule your carpet cleaning or for a free, non obligatory price estimate, contact Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles today!

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